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It's All About Employment is on a mission to help those in our community who are the most vulnerable. We help those that are homeless and/or recovering from addiction or alcohol abuse.  We focus on getting them ready and placed in employment, while they focus on their sobriety and improving their lives. ​

Our Mission

Helping People Become Gainfully Employed by Providing A Whole Person Approach


Get to Know Us

Established in 2022, we recognized a need in the community while giving employment talks at a local shelter.

We noticed the difficult transition from homelessness, and addiction, to becoming sober, and working towards independence.

We strive to give support to those that are experiencing homelessness and are looking to do odd jobs and have taken the right steps to get back into the workforce and into society.


IAAE will guide those on their journey to become employment ready, and are able to work and improve their lives.  

We partner with agencies around the community to help individuals overcome barriers so they can move forward with their employment goals. Once an individual is ready to find meaningful employment, IAAE works with employers to help them find opportunities.  It’s All About Employment also provides continued support to ensure successful employment.

Why We Do This Work

"It was a pleasure to have Juno help me with my backyard tasks. He was knowledgeable, skilled, hard-working, efficient and careful. He listened to my requests and completed the tasks. I'm happy to say he's coming back to do some more!"

-Lorraine B

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