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Whole Person Project

Empowering transitional employment to those experiencing homelessness.

Why Get Involved?

While working with those who are trying to improve their lives and avoid homelessness, addiction, and mental health issues, a further need was discovered.

While we help those who are suffering from these issues, it is often difficult to survive while getting prepped for employment and being a productive member of society. It often takes more time to find employment than the individual would like without money to survive in their day-to-day lives.

What Do Our Associates Do During the Whole Person Project?

By providing daily jobs, such as cleaning out a garage, yard work, snow removal, etc., an individual has the opportunity not only to make money, but to feel useful. They get to experience the feeling of putting in a full day’s work and being rewarded for it.  We help them get into a routine as they prepare to enter the workforce.

Please contact us with questions about scheduling a job for our workers.




If you are looking to join our Whole Person Project and transition out of experiencing homelessness through odd jobs.

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